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United DFW

United DFW in collaboration with JAR PR held a Dallas fashion event at Lofty Spaces to benefit locals schools and give local fashion houses, artists and models a chance to network for a good cause. Silk Threads and Faith Diva brought their latest looks to the runway in presentations that had something for everyone. The men's collection from Silk Threads was a favorite of ours for the color, fabric and style in their jacket collection and made a great showing of refreshing men's looks for this transitional period between summer and fall.

The women's selection was made of flowing, vibrantly colored fabrics in a ready to wear showcase that did not disappoint or deviate from the elegant experience we've always enjoyed about Silk Threads. Faith Diva!

The denim line from this collection made an impression because of the mixed fabric, casual, yet dressy designs and the signature sleeve and cuff extravagance that Faith Diva's - Tina King is known for.

A Couture Collection for Divas

A mixture of extravagant and flowing fabrics, matching fascinators and head pieces - there is no question as to what a faith filled mission in fashion is when the Divas are on the runway!

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